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here's a list of contacts for local authorities, use 'em to do your part in engaging in the system, sharing ideas, concerns, etc. (from a TEA Party friend)


Contact list for DUBUQUE officials: Let's hold them accountable:

Roy Buol - [email protected]  

Kevin Lynch - [email protected]  

Karla Braig - [email protected]  

Joyce Connors – [email protected]  

Lynn Sutton – [email protected]  

David Resnick – [email protected]  

Ric Jones – [email protected]  


Michael Van Milligan Phone 589-4110

Mailing address City Hall 50 W. 13th Street, Dubuque IA 52001


Dubuque County Supervisors

Wayne Demmer - [email protected]  

Daryl Klein – [email protected]  

Eric Manternach – [email protected]


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