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BARTERTOWN - put your prepping into "practice"!

Ok, I admit the name "Bartertown" is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the principle is sound.

Truth be told, when many people hear the idea of "bartering" they think of end-of-the-world situations like Mad-Max. Maybe they picture that last outpost of civilization from Beyond Thunderdome, where Tina Turner was mayor, but Master-Blaster ruled from the methane plants beneath the city. It's fun fiction, but it's NOT the type of thing we worry about here at PrepDBQ.

In reality, bartering was always a part of the American dream, and especially when our society was more agriculturally based. As far back as the pilgrims & indians, friends and neighbors would often trade their produce or skills for goods & services they needed - that was a natural part of community.

Sadly, today we can be rather dependent on mega-stores and the yellow-pages to get what we need, and few people really know their neighbors much beyond a friendly wave when they drive past. But isn't that what PrepDBQ is all about?

Take a look at the ideas here, and see how you might be able to take part. If you have some ideas of your own then please feel free to float them at the forum & we'll see if together we can make them work.


What can be more down-home than co-operative trading? Let's start by hosting a section at the forum where YOU can post items you want to offer, or ask for items you need. You can make arrangements directly in the forum, or PM (personal message) members to sort-out trades & purchases. Click to go to the PrepDBQ CLASSIFIEDS.

BUSINESS SENSE - buy local!

I am just old enough to recall the mom & pop stores that were American life when I was growing-up. I could walk in the hardware store & they knew me by name because the owner knew my parents from church, it was community life!

Well there's no reason we can't do the same right here! If you have a business that is friendly toward the ideas we promote here, or you want to spend your dollars at such a business rather than a mega-store, then let's make that happen.

Click HERE is a list of businesses, we'll add to it as we are able. Please contact us if you want your business added or know of a business we should invite to take-part.

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