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Financial Stresses

As long as the bills are paid most Americans don't pay much attention for national or global economic news, but those who keep abreast of such things know that the last year or two have seen major economic events unfolding. Many of these events are only small steps toward larger concerns, but enough of these steps have been taken now to indicate that it's nearly impossible to change the course we're on. Wise preppers are taking actions to protect their wealth.

Learning about the problems which are causing this turmoil is the best place to start, so we'll do our best to bring you up to speed with the help of a local writer who has been carefully watching this progression, and we'll share practical ideas on things you can do right here in Dubuque to avoid financial ruin in the event things continue down this road.

The root of these concerns is deep, but grasping the basic problems listed below can reveal the breadth of the situation we're in, which makes the solutions very much appreciated. We'll be explaining all these things in greater detail soon.

Everyone is familiar with the idea of inflating prices. Some are vaguely aware of a correlation between inflation and the interest rates. But it's odd how few people realize that in reality "inflation" is nothing but legalized theft. The Federal Reserve whose board sets the interest rates is neither federal, nor a reserve; it is a group of private banks, and Thomas Jefferson strongly warned us to avoid such associations for exactly the same reasons we see unfolding today. Also read, INFLATION = Legalized Theft?

Fiat Money
With the dollar in the hands of private bankers for almost a century now, baby steps of change have traveled so far from the intent of our founding fathers that we have even removed our currency from the gold standard it was established upon. Though this change took place in the 60's we are only now beginning to wake to the full effects of that move. Without an actual commodity backing the dollar it has no real stability of its own and is subject to the whims of fearful markets and fragile economic winds.

Precious Metal
You've probably seen it reported that Gold prices have risen substantially in recent months, and to some degree it's true, but for the larger part it's really just an indicator of the true extent of the dollar's inflation. Gold's value, like any real commodity, is based on the supply available to those who want it, and gold is in limited supply compared to the number of people who want it. In comparison, we are creating dollars out of thin air (called quantitative easing) and there are fewer and fewer people who want to invest in them, making the dollar value diminish so that it takes more and more dollars to buy what we need. For this reason, gold, silver, and similar items, are protection against inflation.

Please follow this page as we add new information and links about these important issues, and share ways you can prepare your household for what seems to be inevitable circumstances. Read abd share these articles with others, as more and more Americans wake-up to these issues we can reign-in the culprits every time we reach the ballot box!

Read INFLATION = Legalized Theft?
This is an excellent primer to help explain the frightening truth about inflation, and the fact that we are being robbed on a daily basis.

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