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My Granny lived through the Great Depression as a little girl, then she saw the rationing of WWII, but these were just history lessons to me. It wasn't until years later that I began to appreciate WHY Grandma always had shelves of canned goods in the basement - she knew that sometimes sh-t happens, and you don't always know about it days  or weeks in advance.

often refer to such things as WTSHTF (When The Shyte Hits The Fan). In general when we say the SHTF we can be referring to any degree of chaos one is forced to face. It might be so simple as the car running out of gas on the way to work, or it might be major social unrest & looting in a Metropolitan area, the real point is that a prepper is always considering HOW to not be caught off-guard and helpless.

Below are a few categories of situations we should all think about. Some topics may not apply at all to you or your situation, but others might be vastly important, and your life would suffer major disruption if you were NOT prepared for it.

Food Preparations
Even the US gvt suggests that citizens should have at least two weeks of food on-hand at a given time. Like the shelves in my granny's basement, we should have the basic staples of life available without needing to make a trip to the grocer. Read more...

Fuel Preparations
Considering how dependent the US is upon the free-flow of foreign oil we should be ready to avoid long lines at the gas station, and to offset major rises in the temporary price of fuel. Read more...

Power Preparations
Most Americans are ill-prepared for a power outage of more than a few short hours. We have a fantastic power grid in America, but it is still vulnerable to terrorist attacks and transportation disruptions. Iowa winters can be harsh, yet few people could keep the pipes from freezing if the furnace couldn't run for even a day or two, and could provide no hot meals till power is restored. Read more...

Personal Protection Preparations
Being safe in unexpected times of chaos requires more than just staying home with the doors locked. A pistol in the nightstand doesn't keep a motivated thug from breaking-in. Protecting your home and family is a broad topic, and should not be taken lightly. You can read more...

Financial Preparations
Economies evolve and change, ours is going through major changes that we all need to be prepared for. We're already feeling the effects of inflation, but there's no hope it stop rising anytime soon. On top of that the IMF (global banking powers) is wanting to move away from the US Dollar, and start the world trading in some "other" currency. Such a move could cause huge shock waves in our economy. Read more...


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